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The Phyto-Aromatic Anti-Age Facial

An anti-aging treatment for those who desire deeper hydration and care for skin. As versatile as it is, it is recommended for all skin types, from those with mild aging signs to those with more mature skin. The product used is Masque Crème à la Rose Noire, which is rich in anti-aging active ingredients coming from Black Rose extract, Padina pavonica algae and Physalis, which act on the fatigue signs and give the skin youth and vitality. The ritual also helps redefine the features lost from dryness, in addition to smoothing out and revitalizing the skin.

90 min.

The Phyto-Aromatic Radiance Facial

A treatment that focuses on luminosity for devitalized skin. The star product is Baume-En-Eau À La Rose Noire, which contains a Black Rose Aqueous extract. As a result, it helps smooth out the skin texture instantly, improving light reflection. It is combined with Hibiscus flower extract, which has toning and gentle exfoliating properties to prevent your complexion from looking opaque. Furthermore, it also has Alpine Rose extract, a new Sisley ingredient that is naturally rich in powerful antioxidants that help increase the natural glow of your face.

60 min. | 90 min.

The Phyto-Aromatic Firming Facial

This is one of the most requested treatments by people with low skin hydration or mature skin with flexibility and firmness loss. The product used is Sisleya Sérum Fermeté, which contains active ingredients that increase the production of elastin, reestablish skin tension forces and promote an instant lifting effect. It is possible to notice firmer and more radiant skin by the end of the treatment.

90 min.

The Phyto-Aromatic Moisturizing Facial

It is versatile and can be applied to women with all skin types, since it promotes deep, weightless facial moisturizing. The treatment’s star product is the Gel Express aux Fleurs facial mask, which is recommended for those with dehydrated facial skin. Thanks to a strong concentration of moisturizing (Lily and Iris extracts) and regenerating active ingredients (Sesame seed extract), the product has the power to moisturize and tone skin, in addition to eliminating the traces of fatigue and stress. It also smooths out and evens skin features.

60 min. | 90 min.

Body Moisturizing

Full body moisturizing with an exfoliation treatment with Gommand Exfoliant Energizant is the secret for smooth, satiny skin. We recommend the Sisley massage oil for massaging the skin after the exfoliation. For increased moisturizing, apply the Confort Extreme Corps cream, which is recommended for very dry skin types, or the Reparatrice Corps cream for all skin types, including sensitivity caused by sunburns.
This beauty ritual improves skin texture and evenness, increases hydration, providing your skin with softness, luminosity and nourishment, particularly after being in the sun. (offered only at the guest bungalow)

90 min.

Leg Care

To care for feet and legs after a long trip or any physical effort is to feed the body with renewed energy. To that end, we added exfoliation to the application of Huile Anantte Au Gingembre Blanc oil, combined with a lymphatic drainage massage, which improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tension and fatigue. The results are magical. (offered only at the guest bungalow)

60 min.

Detox Massage

Massage with Sisley oil performed with lymphatic drainage techniques, gentle movements and light touches that help eliminate toxins and reduce water retention. For the gluteal region we recommend using the Cellulinov cream, which will help reduce cellulite. A health tonic for your body.

60 min. | 90 min.

Relaxing Massage

The classic relaxing massage with the Sisley massage cream is the example of tradition associated with respect for the body. Your wellness, tension relief and relaxation are the main goals. A simple and unique moment to contemplate life.

60 min. | 90 min.

Ponta dos Ganchos Massage

This massage of oriental origins combines relaxing movements with heated Sisley oil and aromatic herbal sachets, especially developed to provide deep relaxation and wellness.

90 min.

Deep Massage

After any vigorous physical activity, it is important to increase blood flow, relieve tension and muscle aches. This strong and intense pressure massage will nourish and revitalize your muscles.

60 min.

Hot Stone Therapy

Nature performs miracles when used in perfect symbiosis with our energy. The power of the hands enhanced by hot stones positioned on specific spots combined with Sisley oil revitalizes our entire body.

90 min.

The Phyto-Aromatic Facial Treatment Soin Velours

Especially designed for people with dry skin or in a very dry skin condition, this treatment is equipped with some specific gestures, providing an unprecedented experience with innovative and sensory textures that combine pleasure and effectiveness.

Lasting 90 minutes the sophisticated, delicate, silky and fresh touches employed in this ritual, generate a relaxing moment and well-being.

This treatment includes a gentle massage all over the face, neck and shoulders with a hydrating lotion with a concentrated phytocomplex, specifically developed for dry skin, further enhancing hydration and restoring smoothness.

Contains: cucumber extract, horsetail, tomatoes, linden, marigold, sage and marjoram essential oil.

IIn addition to the face, the treatment includes special care to the neck, neckline, eyes and lips.

Finally, the apex of this treatment protocol, Soin Velours – a velvety nourishing lotion, that treats dryness in all its origins.

Contains turmeric flower among other plant extracts to make the skin more resilient, restoring the lipid balance and compensate for moisture deficiency.


The ABSOLUTE SLIMMING Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment

The Absolute Slimming Phyto-Aromatic Body Treatment is ideal for tackling stubborn fatty deposits thanks to a sequence of slimming techniques such as kneading, twisting, friction and palping-rolling massage. These techniques, in conjunction with the application of the recommended Sisley slimming product, initiate the process of smoothing away dimples and improving the appearance of the skin.

90 min.