Spa by sisley
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Spa by sisley

The amazing sea view of the Emerald Coast, the sound of the waves and of the native birds in an especially designed setting. In this atmosphere, in the midst of a true oasis, the Resort presents Ponta dos Ganchos Spa by Sisley Paris.

In all, three charming tents allow total privacy by the sea. Surrounded by a beautiful garden and a breathtaking view to Emerald Coast sea, the experience gets even richer in the search of body and mind connection.

The Spa By Sisley offers a range of face and body treatments that combine all the sensory aspects of the brand essential oils and plant extracts with the power of aromatherapy and refined skin manipulation techniques. Ponta dos Ganchos Spa by Sisley Paris follows Sisley Paris worldwide protocols with therapeutic massages to re-energize, purify skin, reduce swelling, detoxify lymphatic system, relieve muscle pain, or just relax.

The venue is open daily at each guest’s preferred time. The bungalows are located at the far end of the resort peninsula in a prime area. To make the service even more customized, the space also offers the possibility of serving duos at the Spa itself and/or in the guest’s suite.







Don’t miss visiting Ponta dos Ganchos boutique, there you will find day by day products, beautiful beachwer resort itens, hats, hotel souvenirs and more.