The Hotel
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The Hotel

Welcome to Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort. We are a benchmark in luxury hospitality in Brazil, where each moment is a unique experience.

The hotel stands out for its excellence in services and sophistication in the details, with each aspect carefully planned to exceed your expectations.

If you are seeking a luxury lodging experience, here is your perfect destination.

Privileged location


Our privileged location provides a unique experience. We are located on a private peninsula in the city of Governador Celso Ramos, only 60 km from Florianópolis.

With a quick transfer by car or helicopter, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of Santa Catarina’s state capital and find the perfect balance between nature’s peace and the convenience of major cities.

Moreover, the strategic location of our luxury resort offers unparalleled accessibility. Whether you are coming from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or even Buenos Aires, our paradise is within a short distance from you.

Enjoy the ease of reaching an exclusive retreat quickly. Reserve your stay and discover a paradise where nature and comfort come together in harmony. Be prepared to create unforgettable memories while enjoying a unique hospitality experience.

Ponta dos Ganchos Beach: Exuberant nature and an enchanting setting

At Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, we are immersed in breathtaking nature and a luxuriant scenery. Our carefully preserved peninsula is a gift from nature, with its cuts forming secret coves and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Picture yourself surrounded by the lush green mountains harmoniously merging with the crystal-clear waters of the Emerald Coast sea, providing Ponta dos Ganchos Beach with white sands and an unparalleled view.

Here, nature has capriciously crafted a romantic and authentically peaceful atmosphere. It is the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world and surrender to moments of privacy, relaxation, and contemplation.

As you explore our peninsula, you will come across three small islands punctuating the horizon, adding a touch of charm.

Enjoy walks through untouched nature, where each step reveals new discoveries. Admire the diversity of local flora and fauna, absorbing the serenity and revitalizing energy emanating from the surroundings.

At the luxurious Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, nature is at the heart of the entire experience. Let yourself be captivated by an enchanting setting where each moment is an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of nature and find inner peace.

Discover the perfect combination of luxury and nature by booking your stay at Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort. Allow yourself to be involved by the magic of this enchanting scenery and experience unique moments amidst lush landscapes.

Praia do Ponta dos Ganchos

Private and Exclusive Bungalows


One of the main features of Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort is its exclusivity. Within an area of 80,000 square meters, you will find only 25 bungalows, divided into seven categories, ranging in size from 80 square meters to 310 square meters.

Each bungalow accommodates up to two people and offers a breathtaking view of the Emerald Coast sea. This refinement and exclusivity are unique to our luxury hotel.

Most bungalows are equipped with a heated pool and a dry sauna. Some bungalow categories also offer a whirlpool and other amenities to make your stay even more special.

Explore our bungalows further.

Unforgettable Gastronomic Experiences


At Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, gastronomy is an essential part of the experience.

Each meal is a celebration of fresh and authentic ingredients, many sourced from our very own vegetable garden, resulting in intense flavors and surprising combinations.

Our restaurants are renowned for offering a perfect blend of classic cuisine and contemporary techniques, while also highlighting the rich Brazilian regional culinary delights.

Indulge in our flavors.

Ponta dos Ganchos Spa by Sisley Paris: An oasis amidst nature


A Spa with breathtaking views amidst the natural beauty that surrounds us is what you will find at Ponta dos Ganchos Spa by Sisley. A sanctuary for the body and soul, this Spa is a true oasis of tranquility.

Relax and surrender to the care of our specialized therapists while enjoying an unforgettable view of the Emerald Coast sea. Our spa offers a variety of body and facial treatments, all based on renowned products from the Sisley brand.

Renew your energy.

Live extraordinary experiences to make your stay even more memorable


In addition to our cozy accommodations and impeccable services, we offer a variety of carefully selected additional experiences to enrich your stay and create lasting memories.

Explore the magic of the Emerald Coast with our exclusive services that please all styles: from romance to adventure, from serenity to fun, we have something special for each and every guest.

You can venture yourself on helicopter rides, boat trips, yacht excursions, diving, hiking trails, yoga sessions, exclusive dinners, cinema, and much more. There are so many options that only a luxury hotel can provide.

Live these experiences.

Luxury Accommodation and Exclusivity


Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the best of luxury accommodation at Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort. Reserve your stay now and get ready to be amazed by an experience that transcends all your expectations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and providing a truly extraordinary experience in one of the most exclusive destinations in Brazil.

Your journey starts here!

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